Facebook today announced new privacy and security features for messenger, including an app lock that allows you to unlock apps using biometric authentication devices, including face ID or touch ID. It’s easy to stop people who temporarily get your phone from peeping into the content of their social network accounts. For example, if a friend borrows your unlocked mobile phone, it is not enough to access your Messenger chat record.

this feature is currently available on IOS and Android users will receive it in the “next few months.”.

for messenger, another small change to come is a new privacy setting, which allows users to control app lock and other functions in a page and manage users who have been silenced or blocked. Messenger will also experiment with a feature that blurs out images sent by users who are not your Facebook friends because they may be inappropriate. This feature has already appeared on Facebook’s instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook also said it would soon provide users with the ability to limit who can send them messages, so that users can “decide who can send you messages or calls directly, who can access your request folder, and who can’t do the above actions at all. “. Previously, a similar message control function was set up on instagram.