Facebook announced a series of cloud games for its apps and websites today, but unfortunately these services can’t run on IOS devices due to Apple’s app store strategy. Facebook explained in the announcement that the Games would not be split into separate cloud game services, but would remain in Facebook’s apps and websites. < / P > < p > the company said that cloud games were the first to bring cross platform games to Facebook and to insert cloud playable ads in interactive presentations to “blur the line between games and advertising.”. These games will be redesigned on Facebook as “game destinations” to restore games and discover new ones. < / P > < p > Facebook’s cloud game solution can’t be compared to subscription services such as Google stadia, Amazon Luna or Microsoft’s xcloud, because the company focuses on initially free mobile game versions rather than AAA rated games. “We think this will expand very quickly because we don’t have to pay upfront and we don’t need controllers,” said Jason Rubin, vice president of Facebook’s special games program < / P > < p > however, new cloud streaming games will not be available on IOS. Apple does not allow apps to act as a third-party app store, rejecting apps that distribute software “in a store or store like interface.”. Apple now says apps can offer subscriptions to multiple games, but only if each game can be approved by apple and provided in its own app. < / P > < p > although Facebook could theoretically introduce cloud games into IOS via its browser version, the company has no plans to do so. “We don’t want people to visit Facebook only 20 times a day,” Rubin said. We have a great app. We have to use Apple’s technology and browser on IOS, which is not optimized for the benefit of cloud games. ” Expanding to the cloud means more complex games, which the company can still deliver in a fast, seamless way, according to Rubin. Those HTML5 games will not disappear, but will keep pace with the new cloud products in Facebook apps. It should be noted that Facebook bought playgiga, a Spanish cloud gaming service, last year, paving the way for its launch. < / P > < p > the platform will allow the 300 million Facebook owned players to continue playing their favorite games, but Facebook believes they will also play more complex games. Free cloud games will be launched on Facebook today. The initial batch of games includes most Android ported versions, such as 3D racing game “asphalt 9” and idle role-playing game “mobile Legends”. < / P > < p > they will start in the United States, which will include California, Texas, and the northeast and Mid Atlantic States. They will be available through the web version and Facebook apps on Android, which are not supported on IOS now, because Apple banned launching browsers and playing games from Facebook. Apart from the type of game, the core experience won’t make much difference to Facebook users. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure

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