Facebook said on Tuesday that before the presidential election, it had removed two fake account networks targeted at the United States, adding that the activities were small and discovered earlier. Facebook’s latest account closure comes after the FBI said last week that Russia and Iran had access to voter registration data to intervene in the upcoming elections. The social network pulled down the accounts because the people behind them tried to mislead others about their identity and purpose. < / P > < p > Facebook, which works with the FBI, said it removed a single fake account created in October 2020 that tried to spread unconfirmed claims that Iranians had invaded the U.S. voting system. These claims are also spread mainly through e-mail. The social network also closed 11 facebook accounts, six pages and 11 instagram accounts, which are largely inactive and focus on Israel. Facebook said the accounts posted information about Saudi Arabia’s activities in the Middle East. The company said it had found some links with relevant people in the Iranian government. < / P > < p > Facebook also deleted another network of two Facebook pages and 22 instagram accounts, some of which tried to impersonate American accounts. Facebook links these events to people from Mexico and Venezuela, which post content on current events and hot topics such as religion, race relations and the environment. Some of these accounts reuse memos issued by the Russian Internet Research Institute, the notorious “Troll farm,” believed to have intervened in the 2016 US presidential election. Nathaniel gleicher, who oversees Facebook’s cyber security policy, says the company is in a different position than the 2016 US election. Pre election rumours are being discovered earlier. He said bad actors are turning to other strategies, such as trying to get writers to write for fake media organizations. “It’s important that we all remain vigilant, but also see the nature of these movements, which are small and largely ineffective, rather than the threat actors behind them, who want to be seen as ubiquitous and influential,” he said After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today