Facebook, the social giant, will remove a small number of political ads from Trump’s campaign because they suggest it’s time to vote and violate Facebook’s rules on false information about voting. The trump campaign uploaded the ads to Facebook on Monday, which included “vote today” and “today is election day.”. Facebook’s election policy forbids advertisements that contain false information about the time and place of a vote. The election day in the United States is November 3. < / P > < p > “as we have made clear in public communication and directly to the campaign, we prohibit advertisements that contain the words’ vote today ‘without providing additional background information or clarification.” A Facebook spokesman said in a statement. < / P > < p > Facebook will stop accepting new political ads on Tuesday, the week before the election, although candidates and their campaign teams can continue to promote previously approved and uploaded ads on Facebook. Most of the problematic trump campaign ads were listed as “inactive” on Facebook’s ad archive on Tuesday. The trump campaign is likely to upload the ads first and then promote them again on election day. < / P > < p > inactive ads can be activated at any time. Even though these voting ads have not yet been promoted, Facebook has taken them down to prevent them from being seen at times other than election day. The trump campaign appears to have adopted a similar strategy in other political ads to be posted on Facebook before the deadline on Tuesday, including an ad that suggests trump has won. Many of the trump campaign’s ads claim that the United States has achieved record GDP growth, even though the GDP data will not be released until later this week. Facebook doesn’t do fact checking for political ads. Global Tech