According to foreign media, the Since March, Facebook has prided itself on thoroughly vetting and deleting covid-19 misinformation posted on its social network, verge reported, but the company is now under attack for failing to take action in a few hours on a fast-moving Breitbart news video over the weekend, which involved publicizing dangerous theories and treatments for the new coronavirus.

in a statement to the verge, the company said the deletion of the video was “longer than expected” and that it would investigate the reasons. Before Facebook took action, the video had been widely shared tens of millions of times – featuring non experts refusing to wear masks, while promoting unproven viral treatments, including tweets by the son of US President trump. After it began to gain a lot of attention, Facebook and other social networks, including twitter and Youtube, have removed it and started trying to curb its spread by forwarding.

“we have deleted this video because it puts forward wrong requirements for the treatment and prevention of covid-19. People who respond to, comment on, or share this video will see information that leads them to authoritative information about the virus, “a company spokesman said. “It took us hours to enforce the video and we are reviewing it to see why it took longer than it should have taken.” The company said it had removed more than 7 million misleading or false content related to the new coronavirus between April and June.

Kevin Roose, a New York Times reporter, was one of the first to warn about the astonishing content of the video. In theory, he believes that the video has lasted so long because it was published by Breitbart news, which Facebook regards as an equal body with mainstream media to appease conservatives who often complain about social media bias. Andy stone, a Facebook employee, said that was not the case, writing in his reply: “it’s not about news value, and it’s not how our news value policy works.”

By ibmwl