As part of its efforts to protect the recent U.S. election from misinformation and foreign influences, it blocked or deleted 265000 posts and rejected 3.3 million ad submissions because it violated the social network’s anti voter intervention policy. < / P > < p > the report, which summarizes the company’s election efforts, was distributed to a large number of congressmen and officials from the outgoing trump administration and the incoming President-elect Biden team on Friday. Facebook has also periodically made public many of the actions mentioned in the report. The report also mentions the coordination of Facebook’s voter registration, and finally repeats Facebook’s familiar request that legislators in Washington write more rules and regulations for the Internet, so that such work will not be done by companies like Facebook. < / P > < p > future elections & quot; must include rules on a range of key issues, set by the ruling Democratic state, not by private companies, Facebook said in the report. &Next year, we hope that Washington, D.C., will make progress in updating internet rules. &Quot; < / P > < p > Facebook is facing severe scrutiny for its handling of the election, and the company had been under the microscope for months until November. While Facebook unwittingly allowed Russian trolls to buy ads and share misleading copies during the 2016 campaign, much of the criticism has to do with how the company manages user generated posts, including those from politicians and candidates. < p > < p > Republicans criticized Facebook for being too aggressive in deleting and tagging posts, saying it violated. Facebook’s decision to suppress the spread of an article in the New York Post that was considered damaging to then candidate Biden led Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to two congressional hearings. At the same time, people say Facebook isn’t doing enough to regulate its services, especially president Donald Trump’s posts, which his political opponents say contain misinformation that violates social network rules. The Biden campaign regularly complained to Facebook about not handling Trump’s account properly, according to email. < p > < p > Facebook itself has also been censored in Washington, where the Federal Trade Commission sued the company last week, accusing it of anti competitive practices in acquiring companies including instagram and WhatsApp. Global Tech