The social media company is launching an IOS version of Facebook’s game app, which is mainly used to watch live video games, but has to remove its mini game feature in order to pass Apple’s strict app store approval process. Facebook is not happy with the compromise.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, said in a news statement to the verge: “unfortunately, in order to obtain Apple’s approval for the independent facebook game app, we had to completely remove the game features, which means that the IOS user experience is not as good as Android users. We will continue to focus on building communities for more than 380 million people who play games on Facebook every month, whether Apple allows it to be used in stand-alone apps or not. ”

Facebook said that in recent months, facebook game apps had been rejected by Apple many times. The company said Apple cited app store rule 4.7 to justify the rejection, saying the main purpose of Facebook’s game app was to play games. Facebook said it shared usage data on Android’s Facebook gaming app, which showed that 95% of the activity was watching live streaming, but that didn’t change Apple’s position.

Apple announced an appeal procedure against the situation at WWDC in June, but Facebook said it tried the program but failed to persuade apple to reverse its decision. Facebook even appealed against the rules based on a new app review process announced on the WWDC, but no response was received.

at present, Facebook has been forced to give up and completely removed the game features from the stand-alone app launched on IOS today. Facebook game app is mainly used to watch live streaming of games, just like the IOS and Android versions of twitch. But on Android, the app also includes some small games from Facebook’s instant game platform. This is not allowed by apple.

this is not the first time Facebook has encountered an app store problem. Even on Facebook’s main app and Messenger, Facebook was forced to cancel instant games. In a statement to the verge, facebook game director Vivek Sharma explained that this is the common pain of the entire game industry, which ultimately hurt players and developers and seriously hindered other types of Mobile Innovation in formats such as cloud games.

apple is facing more and more criticism from its competitors and the game industry. Microsoft was forced to cut back on its xcloud IOS test earlier this week because the app store policy had prevented the company from launching the app for months. Microsoft yesterday made an unusual decision to denounce apple as the only common platform that denies consumers access to cloud games and game subscription services such as Xbox game pass.