Facebook said it would remove false claims that the deadly wildfire in Oregon was deliberately committed by arsonists, including far right and far left groups. The FBI said its investigation found the claims unfounded. However, a new study released on Wednesday shows that deleting these posts may be easier said than done. Facebook, which usually labels posts with error messages, said on Saturday that it would delete posts that could endanger human lives as the fire spread. Facebook spokesman Andy stone tweeted that the social media giant decided to take more stringent measures because “law enforcement confirmed that these rumors forced local fire and police agencies to divert resources for fire fighting and protecting the public.” < / P > < p > despite Facebook’s efforts, conspiracy theories about the Oregon fire are reported to be spreading across Facebook’s private groups. Researchers at the German Marshall Fund told Axios that the wrong link between anti fascist groups and fires still exists, and is still circulating among these private groups. According to the report, researchers have been following 33 groups, some of them as many as 171000, originally set up to protest against the new coronavirus directive to stay at home. On September 9, politicact, a third-party fact checking agency, refuted a post accusing Antiga of arson and pointed out that a former congressional candidate had falsely claimed on twitter that six arsonists associated with the far left group had been detained for arson at a pallet company. Political fact wrote that Paul Romero’s post screenshots were shared dozens of times on Facebook. < p > < p > fact checkers called Romero’s tweet “wrong” and said there was no evidence that left-wing activists were responsible for the fires in California and Oregon. < / P > < p > on September 11, the FBI field office in Portland, Oregon, tweeted that “reports of extremist arson in Oregon are untrue,” and urged people to stop the spread of misinformation by sharing only information from trusted sources. Global Tech