Facebook will launch a new emotional health resource center to provide expert guidance and information to connect users of social media platforms and other apps it owns with services and support, as the new crown epidemic exacerbates mental health problems worldwide, foreign media CNET reported. < / P > < p > emotional health will be a centralized resource center for Facebook applications, providing tips and information from global experts, including Nami, kids help phone and it & ා s OK to talk. The center will be available worldwide and provide mental health officials with information about the user’s area. < / P > < p > users will find that there are also mental health related features in other apps owned by Facebook. For example, the WHO digital stress management guide, which provides tips for reducing stress, is now available on the WHO health alert chat robot on WhatsApp. On Messenger, users will find stickers designed with who to promote dialogue on mental health and to prevent suicide and self mutilation in applications through the crisis SMS hotline. On instagram, users will find new mental health guidelines for teenagers and other groups. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States