According to reports, apple updated the app store earlier this week, which began to show the types of user data the app collects. Among them, the information collected by Facebook is particularly interesting. < p > < p > Apple is a hardware company that makes money by selling hardware. In recent years, Apple has paid more and more attention to privacy, which makes it more and more difficult for some companies to collect user data. Paying attention to privacy has become a major competitive advantage of Apple products. < / P > < p > unlike Facebook, Facebook makes money by advertising. Only by obtaining user information can it help advertisers send targeted ads. Facebook accuses apple of playing the privacy card in pursuit of profits. Facebook also explained that its app and website have privacy settings, and users can set their own privacy options. < p > < p > last week, Facebook subsidiary whatapplicate also accused apple, saying that privacy labels are not conducive to competition, because some apple apps are pre installed on the iPhone, and they don’t have privacy lists or privacy tags in app stores. < / P > < p > what information is in the privacy label? On the app download page, you can see the data collected by app, which is mainly divided into two categories, one is “data used to track you”, and the other is “data related to you”. < / P > < p > take a look at the data collected by Facebook. It will track users with address book information, identifier and other information, or help other apps and websites send targeted ads; in addition, it will collect a lot of information related to user identity, such as health and fitness information, purchasing information, geographic location information, contact information. < / P > < p > if you click and view the details, it will be even more shocking. Facebook sends targeted ads with financial information and user content, and collects sensitive information for Facebook’s own analytics service, according to the page. < / P > < p > the reason why the Facebook privacy tag leaves a deep memory may be its length, which takes several screens to display on a mobile phone. As you can see, Facebook really collects a lot of information. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure