Facebook’s open source platform released a 2020 report, stating that all its open source projects have nearly 1.3 million followers on GitHub. Suraj, Facebook’s director of open source projects, said that 127,000 new developers mark collections for open source projects, which represents a huge growth in the open source field worldwide.

Facebook has been committed to sharing the company’s latest projects for global developers for many years, and open source on GitHub. Suraj said that the company’s repository portfolio has grown to more than 700, and there were more than 200 new projects last year, which is a significant increase from 170 in 2019.

In 2020, Facebook’s engineers and independent developers made 128,000 changes to the open source code base, of which 15% were provided by developers outside the company, and in 2019 this figure was 30%.

Suraj, head of open source projects, added that Facebook’s PyTorch ecosystem has added 20 new projects. The system is based on the Python machine learning library and is mainly used for computer programs and natural language processing. In the past few months, many companies outside of Facebook have also used the PyTorch library to meet various use cases, such as training crop sprayers to recognize weeds in the field, and pharmaceutical companies to simplify the drug development process.