The priest’s article “I was cut Leek by meituan members” was sent to hot search by half of Chinese people. The microblog revealed that meituan was killed by takeout members. The related topic page read more than 700 million, and the number of participants reached 55000. On December 17, meituan was blocked by the major media and made a hasty statement that “cache” was done. < / P > < p > on December 9, the priest ordered a takeout in meituan app, and found that the member’s delivery price was 6 yuan at the same store, the same delivery address and the same time node, which actually became 4 yuan when placing an order, while the delivery fee for another non member mobile phone was always 2 yuan. At noon on December 11, the same situation continued. < / P > < p > it was not until December 16 that meituan launched a hot search on the event of killing a familiar member that the priest found that the inconsistency of distribution fees between my individual members and non members had been “technically handled” by meituan. So far, there is still no lack of enthusiastic netizens from all over the country to provide pictures and videos to prove that there is still a problem that the distribution fees of members and non members are inconsistent. < / P > < p > as soon as meituan made a statement, netizens all over the country were not happy. If the cache can also locate errors and play drift, can the distribution fee difference caused by cache errors be returned to users? Why can there always be more errors and never less? I’ll order a meal for my Beijing girl in Guangzhou. Do I have to estimate the distance between Guangzhou and Beijing for the delivery fee? < / P > < p > according to meituan’s official statement, it’s the user’s fault. You shouldn’t order food again in a short time with the account that ordered takeout, which makes the system unable to respond. It’s really hard for the cache! < / P > < p > meituan has long relied on the sub Commission of takeout to make profits. Taking the latest three quarterly report of meituan as an example, the Q3 revenue of meituan is 35.4 billion yuan. Further looking at the revenue structure, the takeout revenue of meituan is 20.693 billion yuan. Taking out accounted for 18.26 billion yuan, accounting for about 18.26 billion yuan of the total revenue. < / P > < p > with regard to the maturity of big data, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the “anti monopoly guide on the field of platform economy (Draft)” last month, in which it is mentioned that it is forbidden to abuse the dominant market position for differential treatment: < / P > < p > presumably meituan is also deeply learning and understanding the spirit of policy, preparing for being regulated, and putting forward another way that it can’t even listen to professional technology Understand the professional explanation, that is, the so-called “positioning cache problem leads to inaccurate distribution fee estimation”. < / P > < p > meituan is in a dilemma. If it is a pot of caching, how can we explain the difference between the distribution fees of members and non members? If we admit that big data is a familiar member, we will violate the anti-monopoly law and formulate different pricing strategies for different groups of people. Will we not face the joint attack of supervision, audit, industry and Commerce? < / P > < p > let’s talk about it first. The friends who added the priest’s wechat before all got the abdominal muscle card, so the priest’s wechat exploded instantly. Even if some personal interests were sacrificed to make everyone clear, who would go to hell if I didn’t go to hell?! < / P > < p > when the priest was young, in order to save his brother’s brain, he became a muscle. Meituan had no idea if he went on perfunctorily. How should I change the appearance of Kangkang!? < / P > < p > sorry to make the programmers work overtime all night to change the algorithm code! We have to let a priest who is not a program tester do free tests for you every day. Don’t throw the pot technology any more, how can the innocent students who knock the code come up with such OKR < a= target=_ blank>Global Tech