Facebook announced on Thursday that its snapchat like “burn as you read” feature & quot; vanishing mode & quot; will be launched into messenger and instagram. The function is designed to provide services for more casual conversations. Users can set chat to automatically delete when the message is seen and close the chat. < p > < p > Facebook explains that in vanish mode, Messenger and instagram users can send text chat, emoticons, pictures, gifs, voice messages, and stickers, which disappear after the user leaves the chat. < / P > < p > however, unlike snapchat, disappear mode is not the default setting. Instead, users need to enable this mode in existing chats by swiping up the mobile device screen while chatting. The first time you start up, a screen will appear explaining how vanish mode works. It also points out that if someone takes a screen shot of the conversation, the user will be alerted – as snapchat does. < / P > < p > for security reasons, Facebook supports blocking and reporting in vanish mode. The company explained that if the user in the conversation reported the chat content, the missing information would be included within an hour after it disappeared. This allows Facebook to review the dialogue in the report and take action if necessary. < / P > < p > vanish mode is also an optional entry experience – which means you can choose whether to enter vanish mode to chat or not. And it’s only for the people you’re connected to, Facebook says. Once in vanish mode, the screen darkens to indicate a change. To exit vanish mode, users can click the “close vanish mode” button at the top of the screen. < / P > < p > as part of a comprehensive overhaul of instagram’s messaging experience in September, Facebook announced plans for vanish mode earlier. This update once included the ability of instagram and messenger users to communicate across applications, as well as other “interesting” features. < / P > < p > as part of this update, instagram has received many new features inspired by messenger – such as the ability to change chat colors or react with any emoticons. Although it was announced, the vanish mode feature was said to be “coming soon.”. < / P > < p > it’s important to note that vanish mode is not designed to cater to those who want to make the whole conversation safe. Although the feature is end-to-end encrypted, Facebook already provides a fully encrypted secret conversations feature. Instead, vanish mode’s main focus is on cutting off another advantage that competitor snapchat has. < / P > < p > this is a natural thing for Facebook today. The company has copied the stories format, which is popular with snapchat, and now has more users (more than 500 million) on each platform than snapchat’s total users (249 million). < / P > < p > in order to get the vanish mode mode mode and other latest updates to the instagram messaging experience, users must choose to join the upgrade. In essence, these new features are used as bait to get instagram users to agree to upgrade. Then, the upgrade locked them further inside Facebook, as they also gained the ability to communicate across platforms with Facebook users. Eventually, WhatsApp may also become part of this cross platform communication strategy. < / P > < p > once upgraded, people can connect with family and friends on the world’s two largest social networks with just one messaging app. And by adding features like vanish mode, they won’t miss out on competitors’ applications. At the same time, through reels on instagram, Facebook’s goal is to retain tiktok users. It will soon be launched in Canada, Peru, Peru and other countries. The company said it would soon expand on both platforms to other countries. Global Tech