If it is not for express delivery, Ms. Su in a district in Beijing can hardly notice that the yellow green Fengchao express cabinet has been replaced by the red Jingdong express cabinet. Ms. Li, who lives in a district of Beijing Vanke, also suddenly found that Jingdong’s express cabinet appeared at the door of the community. Ms. Su, who has just experienced Fengchao charges, as a regular customer of Taobao, was worried about “paying more storage fees” on the Jingdong express cabinet

this is a slight change after Fengchao charges. On the one hand, after the charge storm, consumers’ distrust and Fengchao’s self adjustment; on the other hand, Jingdong express cabinet quietly expanded to make up for the short board of logistics. Behind these imperceptible changes is the offline competition of logistics.

the express cabinet has changed from a business to a card for logistics enterprises. Every enterprise is now considering how to play this card well, so as to gain more discourse power offline.

in June 2015, Shunfeng express, Shentong express, Zhongtong express, Yunda express and the storage giant pros announced that they would jointly invest in the establishment of Shenzhen Fengchao Technology Co., Ltd., and develop and operate a 24-hour self-service open platform “Fengchao” intelligent express cabinet for all express companies and e-commerce logistics.

the intelligent express cabinet was initially given the mission of “the last mile logistics problem terminator”, which is the most effective solution to solve the end delivery of express delivery, and eventually becomes the bearing facility for o2o landing in the community. If we put it in a longer term, the intelligent express cabinet is regarded as an important entrance of the intelligent Internet of things and one of the service entrances of the community.

from the financing process of Fengchao, we can see that the capital market has recognized the express cabinet. On June 1, 2015, Fengchao completed the angel round financing of 500 million yuan held by SF holdings; only five days later, Shentong, Yunda, Zhongtong and pulos entered by way of capital increase, and with SF’s follow-up, another 500 million yuan of financing was obtained. Tianyan information shows that since its establishment, Fengchao has obtained more than 5.5 billion yuan in four rounds of financing.

“the express cabinet consumes a lot of money, including the cost of equipment, the cost of entering the site, the maintenance and updating in the later stage. It is obvious that the express cabinet will lose money only by the payment and advertisement of the express company.” A senior express industry practitioner told Sina technology that even if it charges users, it may not be profitable.

according to the financial data disclosed by Fengchao, in 2016, Fengchao had a net loss of 250 million yuan; in 2017, it had a net loss of 385 million yuan; in 2019, it had a loss of 781 million yuan, more than twice that of 2017; in the first quarter of 2020, Fengchao had a loss of 245 million yuan.

according to the previous disclosure of Tianfeng securities, as of March 31, 2020, Fengchao has invested about 178000 express cabinets, accounting for about 44% of the total, and China Post Express Express Express accounts for about 25%. In May 2020, Fengchao will expand its market share to 69% after its acquisition of China Post Express.

it was also in May that Fengchao, which had occupied enough market share, suddenly demanded to charge for contactless distribution during the period of Xinguan epidemic and encountered strong opposition from users.

in May 2020, Shenzhen Fengchao Technology Co., Ltd., the operator of Fengchao express box, announced the implementation of membership system and charged for Express items stored in Fengchao express cabinet for more than 12 hours. This decision has been opposed by residents and users in many cities, and many owners even unite to expel Fengchao express cabinets.

China Consumer Association, Shanghai consumer rights and Interests Protection Commission and Fujian Consumer Council have also successively required express companies to obtain the consent of consumers before using express cabinets to store express delivery, and also suggested that intelligent express cabinet services should be included in the scope of public consumption. Secondly, after 888 hours of express delivery, the charge must be adjusted to 18 hours before and after 888. During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, be inopportune or inappropriate, the demand for non-contact delivery increased sharply, but the

‘s untimely charging increased the distrust of users.

according to the data from 1688 platform, nearly a week after Fengchao announced the charges, the transaction volume of express cabinets in China soared by 1400%, and the number of buyers increased by 300% month on month. “All these show that the needs of users exist.” The above-mentioned express industry senior personage told Sina Technology.

Qu Lili, head of Jingdong Express’s cooperative operation, told Sina technology that the express cabinet is a very mature technology. Whether in software or hardware, the difference is very small. Mature technology also means that the hardware cost of express cabinet tends to be stable, which means that the competition among Fengchao, Jingdong Logistics and rookie will become more intense.

“there are a lot of opinions from the owners, including that they are not easy to use, they have to charge for a long time, the door is easy to close and it’s not easy to lose items. We also considered changing to a express cabinet.” The property manager of Ms. Su’s community told Sina technology that, in terms of the cost of entering the site, Jingdong express cabinet is almost the same as Fengchao, mainly because the owners complain that Fengchao is too much.

Fengchao customer service told Sina technology that “the Fengchao in this community has been withdrawn because of fewer and fewer users.” Fengchao customer service also said that this is the optimization adjustment of Fengchao, and there are Fengchao in normal use in several communities near the community.

the property manager of Vanke community told Sina Technology, “the floor charge of Jingdong express cabinet is similar to that given by Fengchao.” The increase of Jingdong express cabinet is mainly to provide owners with more choices, but also because “when only Fengchao, many couriers directly put the package into the cabinet, but the elderly don’t know how to get it, so they spend money by dragging and dragging, so they come to the property to complain about Fengchao’s disorderly collection of money.”

“compared with Fengchao, the biggest advantage of Jingdong express cabinet is that there is no charge on the client side.” Ms. Su’s property manager told Sina technology that Fengchao would not appear again.

Qu Lili told sina science and technology that after upgrading to the second generation, Jingdong express cabinet also began to be open to all couriers from internal use only; users can enjoy free pick-up service. At present, it has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang, Xiamen and other cities.

at the same time, rookies are also sticking to their city. Ms. Su’s property manager told Sina technology that in addition to Jingdong express cabinet, there will be rookie express cabinet in the community. The previous express cabinet has been transported away, and the new rookie express cabinet will be installed.

but Jingdong Logistics, as a latecomer, seems not fully prepared. Not only there is no special person in charge of express cabinet business, but also there are many deficiencies in the coordination with other businesses.

Ms. Su told Sina technology that she had asked Jingdong’s couriers to put Jingdong’s parcels in the Jingdong express cabinet, but the other party was more willing to deliver the package to the door than to put it into the express cabinet. When she asked how to charge for the express cabinet and how to send it, the other party said it was not very clear.

at the same time, when she was shopping in Jingdong, she found that the recommended collection point for submitting the order page was Fengchao in the neighborhood next door, rather than the Jingdong express cabinet in her neighborhood.

for the above problems, Qu Lili said that at present, the recommendation logic of Jingdong is the linear distance between the customer’s order address and the surrounding available cabinets. At present, Jingdong Logistics is adjusting and optimizing, and the next step is to change the recommendation list according to the walking distance, and this problem will be solved soon.

in the early days, when capital entered the market crazily, the intelligent express cabinet was considered to be the key to solve the last kilometer problem. It was regarded as an entry-level business and had unlimited imagination space.

today, we can’t see the possibility of making profits. After reshuffle and integration in the industry, the express cabinet has become a thorny card in the hands of the logistics giant platform, but it seems that no one will easily discard it.

according to the data of the State Post Office, the business volume of national express service enterprises completed 7.47 billion pieces in June, a year-on-year increase of 36.8%, and the growth rate remained at about 40% for three consecutive months. In the first half of 2020, the total business volume of express service enterprises in China has reached 33.88 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 22.1%. Express business is in an upward trend, it is decided that this card will not be completely ineffective, the key is to play.

the cultivation of users’ habits and the growth of market demand make the express cabinet a key part of logistics terminal service. Behind the express cabinet is a larger logistics service market.

although there are sequelae caused by charging, Fengchao still dominates the express cabinet market. During the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, online retail business has been growing steadily, and Jingdong logistics and rookie backed by the e-commerce platform undoubtedly have more scenes and business synergies than the abundant nest.