In the early “Final Fantasy” series, the style of the Royal painter and teacher Yoshiko Tano has always been illusory and weird. Those who like it naturally like it, and there are many people who don’t like it. On February 16, Yoshiko Tano spent one year to build a huge Buddhist sutra painting, which was officially completed and unveiled, and its illusory style got a perfect match.


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·At the invitation of Japan’s rilian sect, Yoshiko tianno spent one year elaborately drawing this Buddhist sutra painting, named fahua Sutra painting, in order to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the birth of rilian sage, the ancestor of rilian sect. The overall style of the painting is beyond fantasy and perfectly shows the extraordinary world of fahua Sutra.

·The painting is huge. After mounting, it is 1890 mm high, 1510 mm wide and weighs 40 kg. Today, it officially appeared. Let’s enjoy it.