In recent years, the career mode of FIFA series has become a short board, which has been criticized by players. EA Sports has focused on other aspects in recent works, so the career model has become relatively backward. However, FIFA 21, released this year, is finally taking care of the career model.

first of all, “interactive ball game simulation” will allow players to simulate any time in the game, enter or exit at any time, control the key points in the game, such as free throws and free kicks, and monitor and modify the field data accordingly. At the same time, the redesigned growth system will allow players to retrain their roles, such as previously trained as guards, and then reassigned to become forwards.

a new attribute, match sharpness, will be added to the game, which reflects the probability of normal or extraordinary performance of players at critical moments. In addition, players can organize training specialized in specific areas, which can improve the sensitivity of the game.

there are also key changes in training. The activity management system designed by the heart will allow players to decide when to train and when to rest, and training arrangements will determine fitness, sensitivity and morale. The AI of the game’s opponents has also been improved. The new system will make AI’s decisions refer more to the information on the field, and decide to mark, steal, pass and control the ball according to the situation, which will bring more challenges to players and make every game of career mode fresh.

new operations have also been added to the transfer market, such as loans to buy players. Finally, career mode will add initial setting options, which are related to transfer signing and negotiation.

in a word, FIFA 21’s career model will usher in a lot of changes. Although it seems that they are only changes in details, they are not all like this. In short, this year’s career model has changed in many aspects, and the specific situation needs to be tested.