RTX 3090 was originally so high, and the price from 11999 yuan showed its noble status. However, no one expected that AMD RX 6900 XT came so fiercely, at least the official score has surpassed RTX 3090, and the price is at least 4000 yuan cheaper. At present, many AIC manufacturers are building an enhanced version of RTX 3090, such as the suprim x version of MSI, which is significantly higher than the current magic dragon series. Before the lightning version comes, this is the top-level existence. < / P > < p > a group of spy photos of the micro star RTX 3090 suprim X were exposed on the Internet today. It can be seen that the obvious black gray style, three fan heat dissipation, new metal back plate, and RGB lamp effect, including the magic dragon logo on the back, the light belt on the top and the V shape in front will all be on. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone