On September 23, the first suv-vw id.4, built by Volkswagen brand based on MEB platform, officially launched. The first batch of vehicles will be delivered before the end of this year. In the future, Volkswagen will put the model into production in FAW-VW and saic-vw respectively, which is the first model based on MEB platform put into production by the two car companies. < / P > < p > the new car will be built based on the MEB platform of Volkswagen Group and positioned as a cross-border compact SUV. In terms of appearance, the new car will continue to adopt the design language and iconic front face of Volkswagen electric vehicle family. The enclosed front grille highlights the electric identity. The LED light belt on the front face connects the headlights on both sides, which looks simple and fashionable. Both sides of the front bumper of the new car are also equipped with aggressive cooling openings to further highlight the younger and sporty properties. < / P > < p > id.4 new car wheelbase is 2765mm, and better wheelbase performance is also the advantage of MEB platform. The side of the new car is outlined with very smooth and changeable lines, highlighting the sliding back style. The waistline extends from the front fender to the rear, and the roof line with chrome decoration is also very fashionable. In addition, as a pure electric vehicle, the car will also provide low wind resistance wheels. The wheel rims are designed with bright black and silver color matching, and the multiple shapes are very dynamic. < / P > < p > the tail light group is also very personalized. In VW id.4, Volkswagen brand uses 3D LED tail lamp group for the first time, and creates the dynamic effect of three-dimensional arrangement through matrix LED luminous components. The tail lamp sets on both sides echo the front lights to further enhance the overall feeling of the new car. In addition, there is a fairing at the rear of the roof to quickly scuttle air from the body, reduce drag and reduce battery energy consumption. < / P > < p > similar to the design idea of Volkswagen id.3, the interior design of Volkswagen id.4 is also simple and clean, but also full of sense of technology, which is consistent with the identity concept of electric vehicles. The instrument panel of the new car adopts a smaller LED screen. The right module of the instrument panel is an electronic shift mechanism. The central console with a suspended LCD display has the functions of entertainment and some seat functions. However, such an overall design may not be “popular”, and even have the flavor of Japanese cars. But it’s also very technical and personalized. In addition, the new car will use a new electronic key. < / P > < p > the new car has a five seat layout with soft seat padding and an “ID.” logo on the back. The driver’s seat is rich in configuration, including electric waist off, seat memory and seat massage. It can be seen from the name plate that it adopts the Volkswagen ergoactive ergonomic seat. The rear seats have a central armrest, and the middle seats are also equipped with headrests. Thanks to the considerable width of the car, the rear seats are also spacious. The car is equipped with a large panoramic skylight with a wide view. The space of the rear compartment is regular and the capacity is large. The back of the rear seat can be laid down according to the ratio of 4 / 6, so it has high practicability. At the beginning of launch, Volkswagen provided four power versions for id.4. Among them, id.4 Pro Performance version with the highest power of 150KW (204ps) and the Pro Performance Version (rear drive vehicle) with peak torque of 310n · M. in the future, the vehicle will also have the GT version with the maximum power of 225Kw (306ps). In terms of driving range, < / P > < p > in terms of driving range, id.4 pure is equipped with 52kwh battery, which can achieve a maximum range of 360km under wltp cycle; while id.4 Pro version has 77kwh large battery, which can achieve a maximum endurance of 520km under wltp. It is worth mentioning that id.4 has a fast charging capacity of 150KW, which can charge about 80% of the power in 30 minutes. < p > < p > previously, Juergen Zoeller, a special writer of auto home, took the lead in driving id.4. The test drive was pro performance (rear drive). According to the official report, the acceleration time of 0-100km / h is 8.5s, and the process of speeding up from static to 70km / h is very light and fast. However, from about 70km / h, the acceleration ability of the vehicle will be reduced. At present, the maximum speed of id.4 is limited to 160km / h by electronic. < / P > < p > as early as August 2019, we obtained a road test spy photo of Volkswagen ID. crozz from foreign media, which was also the earliest appearance of VW id.4. Since then, the industry has been paying more attention to this car, but the progress of id.4 has been twists and turns: it was originally planned to be released at the New York Auto Show in April 2020, but it was later cancelled. After the release of the official map, id.4 will officially appear at the Beijing auto show on September 26. < / P > < p > it can be said that id.4 is of great significance to Volkswagen. It is the second model built by Volkswagen based on MEB electric platform after id.3, and it is also the first SUV under MEB platform. Volkswagen plans to take it as a strategic model to compete in the global market. Id.4 will be produced not only in Zwickau, Germany, but also in chatanooga plant in North America, FAW Volkswagen factory in China and SAIC Volkswagen Anting factory, so as to realize the comprehensive promotion of China, Europe and the United States. < / P > < p > Volkswagen and Tesla may start with id.4 and model y. Model y is the first medium-sized pure electric SUV launched by Tesla. The new car was officially released in March 2019. Its exterior and interior design continues the design language of model 3. However, due to its larger body size, it is superior to model 3 in space performance. It is worth mentioning that the domestic version of Tesla Model y will be offline in the Shanghai factory in early 2021, which also makes id.4 and model y more likely to form a competitive relationship. < / P > < p > on Tesla China’s official website, model y currently shows that production will start as soon as 2021, among which the pre-sale price of the long endurance all wheel drive version is 488000 yuan, and the endurance under wltp condition is 505km; the pre-sale price of performance high-performance version is 535000 yuan, and the endurance under wltp condition is 480 km. However, in the choice of electric vehicles, whether we should believe in the strength of the masses with a deep foundation, or Tesla with a strong sense of technology, the results may be different. After the release of the new car, id.4 will officially appear at the Beijing auto show which will open on September 26. Volkswagen will not only introduce the competitiveness of id.4 in an all-round way, but also convey the prospect and layout of Volkswagen’s electrification. No doubt, id.4 is an important product under the global electrification strategy of Volkswagen Group, and VW has high expectations in terms of product marketing force and sales volume. After being made in China by FAW Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen respectively, more surprises in configuration and price of new cars are also worth looking forward to. (text / cailiyuan, car house) < A= https://ibmwl.com/iphone-12-whole-family-barrel-model-exposed-its-a-tribute-to-iphone-4/ target=_ blank>IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4