Amazon today launched the az1 neuro edge processor, which allows Alexa voice assistant to answer your questions and execute your commands faster, with a response time of hundreds of milliseconds at a time. The processor is built with Amazon and MediaTek to make neural speech recognition possible. The processor has been used in echo, echo dot, echo dot with clock display, echo dot for children and echo show 10 smart screens released today. < p > < p > Amazon said the az1 processor will be built into more echo products in the future. In contemporary products that don’t use az1 processor, Amazon mainly sends audio and its corresponding interaction methods to the cloud for processing and returning. In the new products equipped with az1 processor, audio can be processed locally, thus greatly reducing the response time to users. Amazon said it would first apply to us English and plans to expand to more other languages as soon as possible. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States