At today’s special event, Amazon has greatly expanded its echo product line. In addition to echo, echo dot and echo dot with clock, there are also children’s versions of echo dot with animal faces (currently panda and tiger). The appearance of these devices is a little similar to nexus Q, and can be used as a smart home hub, fully supporting ZigBee and Bluetooth low-power connectivity. < / P > < p > in these new products, Amazon’s az1 “neural frontier” processor is used to achieve “best in class power consumption” and twice the speed of speech processing. This device has the ability to work with Alexa children’s voice profile. Therefore, it will learn your child’s voice and switch to “child mode” in subsequent use. < / P > < p > Alexa can now learn from the user’s commands and fill the assistant’s knowledge gap by asking questions. Initially for a smart home device, it will allow Alexa to create new routines, all commands can be done by voice, depending on what users ask for and how they interpret it. < / P > < p > if you say & quot; Alexa, set the light to Paul’s morning mode & quot;, which does not exist in Alexa standards. Alexa will ask & quot; what do you mean by Paul’s morning mode? &Then, you can answer & quot; set the brightness to 40% & quot; and Alexa will remember that this is your intention. Then you can call the same program with the same name later, without having to set it up manually in the application. < p > < p > today, Amazon announced the price and date of these products. Among them, echo will be on sale on October 22; echo dot will be sold on October 22 for $49.99; and echo dot with clock display will be on sale on November 5 for $59.99. The animal version of echo dot, which doesn’t have a clock display but has an animal face, costs $59.99. The tiger version will be available on October 22 and the panda version on December 9. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia