On Tuesday, apple shut down the authentication channel for IOS 13.6.1, meaning users who have upgraded to the IOS 13.7 operating system will not be able to downgrade. IOS 13.6.1 was released in August this year, and the update is not very large. It mainly fixes the cooling problem and may cause the iPhone screen to appear green. < / P > < p > IOS 13.7 was released on September 2, and the most important change is the new covid-19 exposure log option. The covid-19 exposure log function of IOS 13.7 is similar to that of IOS 14, and can be used without installing applications supporting this function. < / P > < p > IOS 13.7 allows you to choose whether to join the covid-19 exposure notification system to track current health risks without downloading applications. This function has been built into the system, but the availability of the notification system depends on the support of local public health institutions. For more information, see / contacttracing. This version also includes other bug fixes for your iPhone. Privacy Policy