Netizen @ choco_ Bit tweeted today to share information about the new Apple TV. In his tweet, he revealed that Apple was preparing a number of Apple TV set-top box devices, one with a customized version of the A12 chip and one with a processor similar to the a14x. In the tweet, he also said that Apple was developing a new controller, and it was not clear whether it was an upgraded version of Siri remote or an apple designed game controller. In his tweet, he also revealed that Apple has worked with a number of developers to introduce console level games to Apple arcade to enhance game services. It is worth noting that some games can only run on A13 bionic chips or later, so an upgraded Apple TV is required to access the new Apple arcade content. < / P > < p > in the February IOS 13.4 beta, signs of a new Apple TV with A12 bionic chip were found. In addition to the updated processor and the & quot; T1125 & quot; codename, previous rumors suggest that the updated Apple TV may have higher capacity options for 64 and 128GB storage. < 4 < air < 4 core= target=_ blank>Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple