The apple one service does provide an option to help users manage multiple Apple IDs for icloud cloud storage, which alleviates this long-standing problem, but also increases confusion. Since Apple’s cloud service and its subscription related to iTunes were initially separated, some apple users’ icloud accounts and App Store / service subscription accounts are different apple IDs. < / P > < p > back in September, apple employee Chris Espinosa said apple one could “manage” the situation. With the first appearance of this bundled service on Friday, although it can alleviate these problems, it can not be completely solved. < / P > < p > this solution does not involve account consolidation or consolidation. It just solves the problem of icloud and App Store / iTunes separate accounts. Users can still keep the apple one icloud account when they are mainly associated with the storage account of the iTunes / app store. In this case, the storage for each account is handled separately. < / P > < p > I have the same problem. When I select and want to switch to apple one icloud storage, it will automatically delete my icloud account storage plan, and all my data will be displayed in apple one icloud storage. Global Tech