As early as February this year, it was reported that Apple planned to allow third-party apps in IOS 14 to replace Safari and mail as the default browser and email processing application in the system.

according to Apple’s supporting documents, developers need to meet certain conditions before they can apply for management permission, and let app replace Apple’s official application. First, the default browser application must provide a text field to enter a URL, a search tool to find relevant links on the Internet, or a list of planned bookmarks.

when opening a URL address, the app must directly navigate to the specified destination, present the expected web content, and will not redirect to another unexpected address. Moreover, the app designed with parental control or lock-in mode can restrict navigation.

a third party app that wants to be set as the default email processing application must have the ability to send messages to any valid e-mail recipient and must be able to receive messages from any email sender. Apple said it allows applications that provide user-controlled email filtering.

after setting the third-party app as the default browser application, the app will be opened automatically when the user clicks the URL link, instead of safari. Similarly, when users click the mailto: link link link, they will automatically open the third-party email app, instead of Apple’s official mail.

at present, this complete support document has been put on the Apple Developer website. These applications need to update their permissions in order to be set as the default browser or email application in IOS 14. At present, no app meets these requirements.