In the hotel industry with poor performance due to the impact of the epidemic, many enterprises have stopped their expansion plans, and even choose to close some Hotels with poor profitability for “winter”. In January, Atari, a legendary gaming company, announced that it would open Atari hotels in Las Vegas. When it was questioned whether the hotel project had been cancelled, Gensler, the construction company involved in the project, shared some of the results of the new hotel. < / P > < p > the new Las Vegas Hotel, designed by Gensler, a well-known architectural design firm, follows the hotel that opened in Phoenix, Arizona, and looks vaguely futuristic. Its overall appearance is modeled on the classic Atari logo. In addition to rooms for guests, the hotel will also offer games themed events and Atari items for sale. VR and AR technologies are mentioned in the press release, and images depict video game consoles, restaurants and classic Atari games, such as asterioids. < / P > < p > officials did not disclose the exact height of the hotel, but it contained up to 30 floors. It is also important to note that the rendering results may change, so the complete building may eventually look different. Shelly Murphy, managing partner of GSD group, said: “like Atari’s legacy of innovation, Atari is integrating synthetic reality into all aspects of the hotel, creating immersive service and gaming experiences for our guests. From our virtual interactive world to our physical location, every element of the hotel will provide a unique and authentic experience for everyone. ” Global Tech

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