App developers usually allow app developers to manage their apps by not allowing the app’s rules to be successfully managed. Will strafach, founder of guardian VPN, tweeted on August 14 that daily subscription violated Section 3.1.2 (a) and refused to apply updates. < / P > < p > according to the application rules of the app store, it takes at least 7 days to update the subscription automatically, which is far more than the 24 hours of daily subscription. Will strafach then launched an app store rule challenge, which, although still under challenge, is allowed to be updated after 1 day. 9to5mac discovered the application update of strafach on August 29, indicating that the challenge was successful, and it can be used in the upcoming version 2 update. < / P > < p > at this year’s WWDC, Apple announced two major changes to the app store that will be implemented from this summer. First of all, when an app is judged to violate the app store rules in the future, developers can not only appeal to Apple’s decision, but also directly challenge the rationality of the rules themselves. < / P > < p > and Apple will not prevent the update from going online as it did in the case that the bug removal update launched by the launched app violates the store rules. The new rule will allow developers to solve the problem of violation in the next version submitted. Global Tech