In today’s git 2.28 update, Microsoft’s GitHub announced that it had been promoting the change of name from “master” to “main”. Subsequently, in an email sent back to foreign media, a GitHub spokesperson said that the company was adjusting the default branch name of the code warehouse, instead of enabling “master”, and made it easier for users to choose their own default branch names for all new warehouses created.

GitHub is probably one of the most popular products in the developer community. It is the most popular code hosting platform, which makes it easier for many users to work on large projects.

today, driven by black lives matter protests across the United States, the technology community is once again trying to remove such languages from source code, software applications, and online services.

Android mobile operating system, go programming language, phpunit library and curl file download utility also show their ideas, replacing blacklist / whitelist with neutral alternatives.

GIT and GitHub both use the term “master” to denote the default version of the source code base. Developers derive a master version to create a minor version, add their own code to the default version, and then merge their changes back into the master version.

now, several open source projects are changing the name of the default git repository from “master” to “main”, “default”, “primary”, “root” or other names.

the actions of these projects have aroused strong repercussions from the open source community, and the GIT project itself is now considering a formal change, although discussions on its mailing list and GitHub issues are still ongoing and there is considerable resistance.