Google assistant has been able to read SMS messages sent to you through native SMS or hangouts app, but now the voice assistant can read a lot of information from instant messaging software such as WhatsApp, telegram, slack, discord, groupme, etc. To try this, just say “read my messages” to assistant. If it is not installed, you must grant Google App notification permission for this feature to work properly. After receiving this voice command, Google assistant will pop up a recently received message and read it aloud, including the name of the application and the sender. You can then choose to enter or request a response. Upon completion, the reply is sent immediately and the original message is marked as read (the notification disappears). Assistant will read the recently received information one by one, but it should be noted that assistant cannot read information containing pictures, videos and audio. Assistant will only say “the message contains an audio attachment”, but will not play it. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”