Google engineers are working to develop webp2 as the next generation of still image file format. As an alternative to JPEG and PNG, more and more applications and web pages, including Firefox, have increased their support for webp. Now Google has begun to promote the preliminary experimental work of the revised version of webp2. According to netizens’ < gibpt >, it has been found in a Google libp < 2 server. The repository was created two weeks ago and contains preliminary work on "an experimental successor to webp image format.". < / P > < p > this feature is further enhanced in this document, and the development of the next iteration of this webp is still at an early stage. “Webp2 is the successor to the webp image format and is currently under development,” the document said. At present, it is not ready for official release, and the format has not been finalized, so changes to the library may break compatibility with images encoded in previous versions. At your own risk! ” < / P > < p > webp2 is developing new features, such as adding support for 10B HDR, but mainly focusing on improving compression efficiency. The goal is 30% better than the original webp design, but 20% less than avif. Lossless compression and transparent compression will also be improved. Webp 2 will also correctly support animation, lightweight incremental decoding, and the software implementation will be better threaded. < / P > < p > although the prospect of webp2 is exciting, it is indeed in its early stages, and so far the performance has been disappointing. Currently, webp2 is only partially optimized. For lossy compression, it is about five times slower than webp. Its compression speed is still 2 times faster than avif, but the decompression time is 3 times longer. The goal is to achieve equal decompression speed. The report shows that the number of app store purchases soared in the first half of this year due to the impact of covid-19