In order to further promote sustainable development, Google announced today to adjust its hardware products and set new goals. The search giant set targets last year, for example, to use recycled materials in all new products by 2022. In fact, Google has already achieved that goal ahead of time, using recycled materials for both pixel and nest devices that are on sale this year. With this in mind, Google announced some bigger goals today. First of all, the company promises to make more than 50% of recycled or renewable plastics in all products by 2025, and give priority to the use of recycled materials as much as possible. < / P > < p > most importantly, Google hopes to achieve UL 2799 zero waste landfill certification for all its final assembly plants by 2022 to ensure that the vast majority of its waste in its manufacturing process is recycled. Finally, Google promised to use a completely plastic free package that would be 100% recyclable by 2025. It also reiterated its commitment to ensure carbon neutrality in the transportation of products to and from direct customers. Global Tech