If you are connected to the Internet, Google Web Designer updates automatically when it starts. You can also manually download the latest version. < / P > < p > you can now clip pictures in the image processing dialog box. Google Web Designer suggests areas to crop, and you can adjust them manually. < / P > < p > we have introduced a new release option to allow you to upload advertising material directly to campaign manager 360. When using this option, you need to specify the advertiser and decide whether to specify the advertising series or not. < / P > < p > we have added a variety of snap modes so that you can make objects the same size or keep the same spacing by touching them. You can also change the snap threshold and range. < / P > < p > [code view] now, after modifying images outside of Google Web designer, the corresponding images are updated in design view. < / P > < p > [timeline] corrects the following problem: right clicking on a layer under a label triggers a pop-up menu for the corresponding label, not a pop-up menu for a layer. < / P > < p > chrome and Opera: when the main element contains 3D converted child elements, the clipping path mask cannot render correctly. < / P > < p > when you open the. HTML source file directly in the browser, the timeline animation events (such as pause or loop play) do not work properly. This is expected because the timeline animation CSS is generated when the document is previewed or published. Solution: use the preview button, or publish the document locally and then view the published file in the browser. < / P > < p > image files with missing file extension and period in file name cannot be imported into resource library. Temporary solution: add a file extension (such as. PNG) to the file name. < / P > < p > outdated video drivers may cause a black screen at startup. Try updating the video driver. If it doesn’t work, please disable GPU rendering before restarting by quitting Google Web Designer and following the instructions for your operating system: < / P > < p > the first video source file should be in. MP4 format for the video to play automatically when the advertisement is re expanded on MAC safari. < / P > < p > linux only: you cannot drag and drop files from the file system into Google Web designer. Temporary solution: use file & gt; import material resource, or add material resource in resource library. < / P > < p > you cannot use multiple “map” components or “street view” components, or use “map” components and “street view” components in the same advertising material. < / P > < p > linux only: Google Web Designer sometimes loses focus and cannot use keyboard input when switching applications. Temporary solution: adjust the size of the Google Web designer window so that the app has focus again. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure