Ridiculed by netizens as “Google closed department” again, this time the target is daydream. This is the VR platform launched by Google in 2016, and even launched its own view head display device to the market, and updated it a year later. Although it attracted a lot of applications to the platform, most of them have stopped updating now, and even worse, Google has completely abandoned its support for daydream. < / P > < p > in June 2019, Google announced that the play movies & TV app would stop supporting daydream and Hulu platform in one year. Google is waking up from daydream and officially stopped supporting it today. The company has confirmed that it will not update its software, and daydream may not even run on Android 11. Third party applications can still be used with the head display, but the head display can’t be purchased any more, but you can’t expect these to continue. < / P > < p > although VR is very interesting, most consumers don’t plan to buy head display and compatible apps in the home entertainment environment, which can explain why Google decided to give up support for daydream. < p > < p > iPad air 4 running point data release: A14 bionic easily beat its rivals under single core and multi-core workload < A= https://ibmwl.com/after-12-years-world-class-super-project-shantou-bay-tunnel-ushers-in-a-historic-breakthrough-today/ target=_ blank>After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today

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