Tables does not simply track project related notes and tasks in various documents, but helps users deal with various trivia, such as repeatedly arranging email reminders when tasks are overdue, sending messages to chat rooms when new forms are submitted, transferring tasks to other people’s work queues, or updating tasks when status changes. < / P > < p > it is understood that the solution is suitable for many scenarios, including project management, it operations, customer tracking and CRM, recruitment, product development, etc. “I’ve been working in the technology industry for a long time, including 10 years at Google,” Tim Gleason, general manager of tables, explained in an announcement about the new service. And during the years I worked, it was always hard for me to track projects. Our team stores notes and related tasks in separate documents. These documents are always out of date. We have to manually synchronize data between them. I also spend a lot of time coordinating among team members to determine priorities and update status. I spend more time tracking work than I actually do. < / P > < p > tables are designed to take on some additional manual processes – such as collecting data from different sources, putting it together, pasting it into another document, and then handing it in. However, the tool is designed to match existing Google services, so it is a very practical tool for office users who are already in the Google ecosystem. < / P > < p > to start using tables, you can import data from Google sheets (or. CSV), share data with your Google Groups, and assign tasks to people you find in Google contacts. If you like, you can also start using one of the templates. The robot of < / P > < p > tables processes the operations automatically, while the data itself can be presented in different ways, such as grid view, record list, Kanban and map. Forms allow you to collect data on the fly without having people directly access your forms. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen