The world population is still growing at a high speed, but the cultivated land area has been greatly reduced due to pollution, urbanization and many other reasons. Therefore, food shortage has become a worldwide problem. According to the latest “Journal of inserts as food and feed” paper, the researchers explain the reasons for using insects as a food and feed source for human and livestock. < / P > < p > led by Christine Picard of Indiana University, the research team put forward a convincing argument. “The world’s population is growing and the pressure on protein production is increasing at an unsustainable rate, without even taking into account climate change,” Picard said in a statement. Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) is an important food source for many organisms. For example, fish like eating worms. They can also be used as an alternative source of protein in the pet food industry, where chickens love insects – and maybe one day humans will, because it’s an alternative source of protein. ” In addition to being a food source for many animals, Picard and her team studied the worm’s DNA and sequenced its genome. These valuable data can be used to optimize the mass production and consumption of Tenebrio molitor;. < / P > < p > Yes, the idea of eating something like Tenebrio molitor may upset some people, but you don’t have to worry about eating raw. They can be added to other foods and processed as proteins. By preparing in this way, you may not have guessed at all that you are actually eating a bug. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4