Google today updated several of its IOS apps to support home screen widgets. Google said that in order to get useful information and quickly perform common tasks, Gmail, Google drive and Google fit have added support for widgets, and Google Calendar and Google Chrome will follow up. < / P > < p > for Apple users who often use Google services, these home screen widgets can quickly perform common tasks. Use the Google drive widget to quickly access some of your recent documents; the Gmail widget, which can’t preview your email at this time, can search for email or compose new email, and has a button to show the number of unread messages. < / P > < p > although Gmail does not currently provide email previews, this widget allows users to customize in some way, so it’s very interesting. For example, you can set how many unread emails come from someone (such as the boss), from an email domain name, or from work. And you can set how many emails are considered “important” in the priority box. < / P > < p > the Google drive widget includes quick access to files and search bars, while the Google fit widget allows you to easily track your activities, including heart points and steps, from the home screen. < / P > < p > Google Calendar and Google Chrome widgets have not yet been released, but Google said they will be available soon. The former will be launched “in the next few weeks”, while the latter will be launched “early next year”. Global Tech