Microsoft is currently investigating a problem with Microsoft 365, which has resulted in the unavailability of multiple services. From the perspective of downdetector, from teams to azure, most Microsoft 365 services have problems. The downdetector map shows that the problem is global. Microsoft later said that the problem was that it couldn’t log in to these services. < / P > < p > current status: we are investigating a potential problem and examining the impact on the user organization. We will provide updates in 30 minutes. < / P > < p > Microsoft said: “existing client sessions are not affected and any user who logs into an existing session can continue their session. In addition, the power platform and powerapps properties are also affected by this event. “. < / P > < p > Microsoft said it had restored the changes that they believed caused the problem, saying: “the current situation is that we have completed the restoration of changes that may have impact and are monitoring the environment to ensure service recovery. Scope of impact: any user may encounter access problems with Microsoft 365 services. “. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure