Microsoft is developing new features for chromium based edge browsers that will prevent users from accidentally starting browsers as “administrators.”. Running or elevating permissions as an “Administrator” allows you to have more administrative rights over your browser, but it also means that you can access sensitive content without additional permissions. < / P > < p > although privilege escalation is necessary for some applications, it is generally not recommended to elevate permissions for any browser. This is because we usually visit web pages or download files through browsers. If the browser has too high permissions, it may be abused by malware. < / P > < p > in the new version of edge browser based on chromium, when running as administrator, only a bubble will pop up in the toolbar. However, this feature has been removed after excessive user complaints. < p > < p > Microsoft said: “we’re actually just trying to alert users (in edge) through bubble dialog boxes in the corner, but this happens more often than we thought, because the browser is launched from advanced programs such as the installation program, and we decided to remove the warning due to widespread complaints from users.”. < / P > < p > Microsoft now plans to automatically reduce permissions when chrome, edge and other browsers start with higher permissions. To this end, Microsoft will detect whether the browser is running in the mode of lifting rights. Once detected, Microsoft will pass the explorer.exe Reopen the browser so that it runs at the same user level as the shell and automatically reduces permissions. < p > < p > Microsoft said: “the goal of this change is to solve the problem that most users open their browsers by lifting their rights when there is no need to raise their rights.”. Once this change is implemented, Microsoft says that your browser will not be able to upgrade the permissions to start downloaded programs and subprocesses. This will improve the security of the browser and resolve problems that cause the content of the tab to be empty. Global Tech