For windows insider users of release preview and beta channels, Microsoft released a cumulative update for windows 10 version 2004 / 2009 yesterday, introducing a series of fixes and refinements. In addition to the new meet now button on the taskbar, this update also fixes the problem that the task manager cannot report CPU usage or frequency correctly. < / P > < p > Microsoft then acknowledged the problem, saying that on some processors it could cause “incorrect display of CPU frequency.”. It is not clear how many users have this problem, but it has now been fixed. In the update log, < / P > < p > wrote, “we fixed some processors with incorrect CPU frequency display.” Version 19042.608 with CPU frequency bug fix is currently only available to testers, but it is believed that Microsoft will provide a fix for all users in the next patch Tuesday event. < / P > < p > ● Skype’s meet now feature was launched earlier this year. With this feature, you can easily contact anyone with two clicks. Today, we are very happy to bring this feature into the taskbar. In the next few weeks, you can easily set up a video call and immediately connect with friends and family by clicking the meet now icon in the taskbar notification area. There is no need to register or download. < / P > < p > ● fixed a problem with remote debugging on Windows 10 devices using the full set of developer tools in Microsoft edge. < / P > < p > ● fixed a problem that prevented some windows virtual desktop (WVD) users from using file explorer to search for files. < / P > < p > ● fixed a problem that caused the application to temporarily stop responding, which caused the application to have additional z-order operations affecting the window’s topmost property. < / P > < p > ● fixed a problem that caused the immgetcompositionstring() function to return full width hiragana when using the Microsoft input method editor (IME) for Japanese instead of returning half width katakana. < / P > < p > ● fixed a problem when you first log in to your account or use Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to unlock an existing user session. If you enter an incorrect password, the current keyboard layout will accidentally change to the system default keyboard layout. This keyboard layout change may cause other login attempts to fail or cause accounts to lock out in domains with low account lock thresholds. < / P > < p > ● fixed a performance issue with PowerShell reading the registry to check if the scriptblocklogging registry key is in the registry. < / P > < p > ● fixed the problem of preventing mixed azure Active Directory joined devices from updating portal information when the device name or Windows version is changed. < / P > < p > ● fixed virtual private network (VPN) connections using secure password (eap-mschap V2) for authentication and enabled the “automatically use windows login user name and password” attribute. When you connect to this type of VPN, the authentication dialog box incorrectly prompts you for credentials. < / P > < p > ● fixed the problem that caused stop error 0xd1 in sys. This problem occurs when some arrays are moved from one cluster node to another. < / P > < p > ● when using the data provider in Windows Defender application control (wdac) to connect to SQL server, we have added support for transport layer security (TLS) 1.1 and 1.2 protocols. < / P > < p > ● fixed SQL server issues, which may cause performance problems if the linked server provider is configured to be out of process. < / P > < p > ● fixed SQL server issues, which may cause performance problems if the linked server provider is configured to be out of process. < / P > < p > ● fixed a problem that could degrade windows performance and prevent the lanmanserver service from starting when third-party software uses the lanmanserver custom file system control (FSCTL). < / P > < p > ● fixed a data De duplication problem that resulted in long waiting times on elastic file system (refs) cluster shared volumes (CSVS). < / P > < p > ● fixed a problem that might cause some applications to not work properly. This happens when you use Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to publish them as locally integrated remote applications (rail) and change the docking of appbars < / P > < p > ● fixed the deadlock problem in the transmission control protocol / Internet Protocol (TCPIP) driver, which caused the operating system to stop working or stop responding. < / P > < p > ● fixed a problem that caused the routing and remote access service (RRAs) to stop responding to new connections. However, RRAs continues to work on existing connections. < / P > < p > ● fixed a problem that caused RRAs administrator Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to stop responding randomly when performing administrative tasks or starting. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple