The essence of fuzzy testing is to eliminate the exploitable security vulnerabilities through strict testing process, including flooding relevant programs with a large number of random data. While quite useful, it is often complex to implement. Project onefuzzy tries to make fuzzy testing easier and more sustainable by taking advantage of the open source llvm compiler. < / P > < p > as a result of the above progress, related mechanisms that previously had to be attached to the continuous build system can now be directly embedded into the system. For example, collision detection can be built into the Asan tool, while coverage tracking can be built in using the sanitizer coverage (sancov) tool. Looking forward to the future, these changes enable the development of unit test binaries to build various fuzzy techniques into an executable file. < / P > < p > the test framework has been used in other Microsoft Services and platforms, including Microsoft edge and windows. Now, as the availability of project onefuzzy extends to developers around the world, you can access it on GitHub. Global Tech