Microsoft News is a news application launched by Microsoft in 2018 and provides a “news engine” for websites and mobile applications. Over the past few years, the company has updated the service on a number of platforms, including windows 10 and mobile. In a blog post today by taroon mandhana, vice president of the company, Microsoft said the app has more than 550 million monthly active users. < p > < p > wrote in a blog post that stopped being Since the creation of the original content, the company has been strengthening cooperation with the news media. Plan (manually and algorithmically) news content from global publishers and combine it with advertising to generate revenue for both parties. Microsoft has worked with more than 4500 news organizations since 2014, generating $1 billion in revenue, according to a blog post. At present, the number of monthly active users of the service has exceeded 550 million, covering more than 180 countries and regions around the world, providing news in 31 different languages. Media partners provide more than 170000 news items a day on a variety of topics. “< p > < p > mandhana said:” we have been looking for new ways to enhance the strength of the industry, whether through the use of artificial intelligence to promote faster, more complete innovation in research reports, or through the power of journalism to help newsrooms update their narrative style, or through surfacedu Most importantly, we are investing heavily in our core platforms and distribution partnerships to ensure that world-class content of our publishing partners can be absorbed on more devices, more languages and geographical regions than ever before More people. ” Global Tech

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