Chromatic aberration is a kind of artifact caused by different refraction of red, green and blue light through the lens. The white pixels on the panel are refracted by the lens and separated into red, green and blue pixels visible to the audience. Chromatic artifacts usually look like opposing red and blue edges from the center of an optical device. < / P > < p > the purpose of color correction is to adjust the rendered image by pre deformation, so that the image viewed by the user after the lens refraction is displayed as a single white pixel in the expected way. Microsoft has submitted improved algorithms to several windows mixed reality head display devices to improve visual quality. < / P > < p > up to now, almost all VR head displays have achieved some degree of visual correction on software or GPU to correct artifacts caused by some aspects of hardware. Correcting lens distortion is a good example. Microsoft’s correction algorithm can not only reduce the color edge, but also reduce the overall color coloring. Look at the pictures below to see the difference. < / P > < p > uncorrected simulated light leakage (left) and corrected light leakage (right). Notice the false color coloring on the left and the color edges of green and magenta. Without this correction, the image will also appear slightly blurred (left). The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region