Microsoft plans to launch project latte, which will allow users to run Android applications natively on Windows 10 devices, foreign media reported. If the project is approved by senior leaders, it will allow developers to use simple app packaging tools to publish their Android applications to the Microsoft Store. < / P > < p > the problem is that these converted applications must follow windows or Microsoft APIs, which means that Google services cannot be used. So far, Google has not been involved in the project in any way, and Google’s own android app will not log into the Microsoft Store. However, there are reports that Google is developing a new uwp YouTube app for windows 10, which is not part of the project latte project. < / P > < p > with project Astoria in Windows 10 mobile, Microsoft can automatically convert Google API into its own. It’s not clear if Microsoft plans to go the same way again and do everything for developers, but we won’t be surprised if the latte project continues to do so. Project latte will not be limited to any specific platform, which means you will be able to run Android applications on Intel, AMD and even ARM hardware. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4