The iPhone 12 series has officially arrived, and even the iPhone 12 MINI has access to the mmwave 5g network, as apple was proud to announce at its launch. According to Apple’s high-definition rendering, there are obvious grooves on the right side of each iPhone, which is used to place the antenna of mmwave to enhance the signal strength. < p > < p > in a tweet posted by netizen @ reckless: “it can be confirmed that the right side of the new iPhone is the mmwave antenna window.”. Interestingly, though, the iPhone 12 is available in the global market, only mmwave is supported in the US market. The following is a comparison between the US version and the British version of the iPhone 12 Mini: < / P > < p > and it should be noted that “the size and weight may vary according to the configuration and manufacturing process” on the apple official website. Take the iPhone 12 Mini as an example. The international version, including the Bank of China, weighs 133 grams, while the American version weighs 135 grams. In other words, the American version weighs 2 grams more than the international version. Global Tech