For Android TV, Google is launching a new gboard input method. This update seems to be a server-side adjustment, so users cannot get it by installing the new version. The main change of this update is to redesign the keyboard. Previously, when gboard pops up from the bottom, it will span the width of the whole TV screen. However, in the new version, it is very similar to the design of the mobile terminal, which does not take up too much space. Another change is the addition of voice input button. Previously, you had to rely on the application developer to provide a voice input key for the text field. With this feature, you can always rely on gboard voice input even if the app doesn’t have a voice input key. The update should relate to all the text fields that actually let you use the TV keyboard. Unfortunately, too many app developers have implemented their own keyboards for text input, including Netflix, Amazon, and even YouTube. This means that you may not use the new keyboard very often. Global Tech