While the industry is focusing on NVIDIA’s acquisition of arm, nuvia, another start-up focusing on ARM architecture, has recently completed a new round of financing of US $240 million, raising US $53 million more than the previous round of financing conducted in November 2019. Nuvia was founded 18 months ago by Gerard Williams, a former Apple SoC development director, with 20 years of industry experience, including 10 years as an arm researcher. < / P > < p > the other two co founders of the company are manu Gulati and John Bruno, former chief architect of Google SOC. He has worked as system architect for Google and apple AMD. The company hopes to provide better server chips from Intel, AMD and apple, building Orion SOC on the core design code named Phoenix. Bruno said the team has completely revamped the CPU pipeline and does not need the market-oriented expansion of boost clock frequency. < p > < p > nuvia used geekbench 5 in the test, and found that the Phoenix CPU core can provide up to twice the performance of the most efficient mobile chip in the power envelope of 1 to 4.5 watts per core. Compared with AMD’s ryzen 4700u, the company says it can achieve 40% to 50% higher IPC with just 33% power consumption. Global Tech