As early as two years ago, Microsoft had actively planned to welcome PWA applications into the Microsoft Store. At that time, Microsoft had tried to crawl and index high-quality PWA applications and automatically list them in the Microsoft Store. But the plan hasn’t really worked, and high-quality PWA apps are still rare in stores, with Twitter being one of the few exceptions. < / P > < p > after embracing the chromium open source project, PWA based on chromium can use the new web standards API to make PWA behave more like native applications. These PWA applications can run on their own windows without browser UI, and appear in the start menu, taskbar, and apps & features of settings application. < / P > < p > to start using the new pwabuilder preview, you can submit the PWA web address from by simply visiting. The online tool will then analyze your PWA and package it so that you can submit it to the Microsoft store or other app store. Whether the Microsoft Store will get more quality PWA soon remains to be seen= target=_ blank>Global Tech