At a time when other large truck manufacturers are pushing for electrification and fuel cells, Scania is exploring a new breakthrough solar plug-in hybrid trucks. As hybrid points out, solar panels can’t power a truck’s entire journey, but can save 5% to 20% of its fuel. < / P > < p > Scania hopes to commercialize the truck, which offers 18 meters (59 feet) of trailers with 140 square meters (1500 square feet) of solar panels on both the roof and the side. Ernst express, a Swedish transport company, paired the truck with a Scania plug-in hybrid tractor and tested its effectiveness in daily operations. < / P > < p > Scania said that according to a preliminary assessment, solar trucks could save 5-10% of fuel during the spring and autumn operations in Sweden. The company admits that Swedish winters don’t generate enough sunlight to make solar charging feasible, but he thinks the system can also be used in sunny places. If the device is used in southern Spain, the company said, its fuel efficiency could double. < / P > < p > Scania said that when operated in Sweden, the truck could generate 14000 kwh of electricity per year. Its collaboration with Ernst will test whether the trailer can effectively generate enough energy to feed back to the grid when the battery is full and the truck is parked. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract