On Monday, several of Google’s services were down for about an hour without access. Subsequently, Google announced that the outage was caused by “internal storage quota problem”. Although the outage did not last long, hundreds of millions of users around the world were affected because many people were working remotely during the outbreak. < / P > < p > users who rely on Google services such as Google Docs and Gmail for work or education cannot access or use popular services such as Google maps during this period of time. This problem is related to user authentication, and many Google services require a user login account to use. Google services that don’t need to log in, such as youtube, are offered in “stealth mode.”. < / P > < p > after the outage, Google issued a statement: “we apologize to all users affected and we will conduct a thorough follow-up review to ensure that this problem does not recur in the future.”. Users around the world began to notice the problem around 11:30 a.m. us time and reported that YouTube was facing problems. The tag “googledown” quickly became one of the most popular terms on twitter. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple