Risc-v is one of the key technical projects in the scientific and technological circle. Nonprofit organizations and wider communities are actively building an open source and standardized instruction collective architecture (ISA), allowing chip creators to design their own chips without the license and patent of other ecosystems, typically arm. However, it is very hard and costly to establish ISA, which is one of the reasons why the industry hardly accepts open source. After years of efforts, risc-v community is actively developing, coordinating and attracting people’s outlook on the future of computers. In the process, risc-v has been joined by companies such as Google, oculus, Huawei, IBM, NVIDIA (which is acquiring arm), Qualcomm and so on. With the gradual maturity of ecosystem, risc-v is gradually moving from hardware lab and test data room to commercial use. As a leading company to promote risc-v commercialization, sifive launched a PC oriented risc-v motherboard called unmatched at the Linley conference today. Founded in July 2015 by risc-v inventor, sifive is the first semiconductor enterprise based on risc-v customization. It has branches in 10 countries and regions in the world, and has become the largest risc-v commercialization company at present. It has high performance customized IP, a series of single core and multi-core, and 32-bit to 64 bit processor. Sifive can help SOC designers reduce the time to market and reduce the cost through the customized open architecture processor core. At the same time, the system designer can build customized semiconductor based on risc-v, so as to realize chip optimization. It has attracted a lot of technology tycoons including Chris LATTNER, which has promoted swift programming language and has become an important cornerstone of Apple’s ecology. At present, the company has successfully raised $190million, and recently it has raised $61million in e-round financing. One of its most famous investors is Sutter hill, which has made a big return on snowflake computing earlier this year. The purpose of this product is to make it easier for developers to purchase PC or host server farms and enable them to test their code on risc-v architecture. This should make the introduction to risc-v more attractive to more engineers. This is one of the results of the ongoing efforts of Patrick little, the new chief executive of sifive. “< p > < p > little joined Qualcomm last month to lead the company’s expansion to automotive technology, with decades of background in the industry. His task is to undertake the technical work developed by sifive and deliver it to the most extensive users. “We’re just trying to push for adoption and opening up the platform so that software can be developed on a large scale,” Little said. In addition to PC motherboard, the company announced last week the sifive intelligence viu7 series, a vector processor designed for AI and graphics workflow, with risc-v vector extension (RVV) standard isa at the core. These announcements laid the foundation for more new products that are targeted at the large number of computing needs in the industry. The retail price recommended by sifive hifive unmatched is $665. Currently, it has been booked on the official website, and interested developers can go to buy. Privacy Policy