At today’s ignite conference, Microsoft announced a series of new features and features to be introduced into many products, and onedrive was also the highlight of the conference. Microsoft announced that it will make major adjustments to its web and mobile applications, and will further enhance its collaboration capabilities and optimize its management settings. < / P > < p > Microsoft has finally introduced the dark mode and provided users with the same experience as other platforms. Microsoft first announced this feature in June this year. In addition, the web side also achieved performance improvement later in half a month, reducing page loading time. < / P > < p > another improvement is the “add to onedrive” option, which allows users to pin shortcuts to shared files in their own library, making it easier to access related files without having to search for them in the “shared with me” section. This feature applies to files shared through onedrive, SharePoint, and teams. At present, it has been launched as a public preview. < / P > < p > Microsoft is adding a new home page for the app called onedrive home. The new page now lists the most recent files in the main view, sharing libraries and offline documents to make it easier to access files. The new view is being rolled out to IOS users and will be available on Android later. The company also listed improvements to surfaceduo’s onedrive application. < / P > < p > next is a list of enhancements to file sharing and collaboration. Thanks to improved integration with teams, shared onedrive files can be quickly accessed only by members in teams chats. Now Microsoft has another feature, the ability to retain access when moving files in onedrive. This means that if users move their shared files to a different folder, access rights will not be reset. < / P > < p > for files shared with external users, administrators can now set mandatory expiration limits on these files to avoid providing unlimited access. This policy can be applied to SharePoint and onedrive folders and is currently being rolled out. The company also details office file integration tasks shared through onedrive. < / P > < p > later this year, Microsoft will also launch the “at a glance” summary function to help users determine what content shared files contain, and to support editing IOS offline files on Android. < / P > < p > finally, a bunch of management functions are added to the service. Later this year, administrators will be able to view synchronization reports on a per user basis to monitor file synchronization problems and errors and help them resolve them. In addition, the company will integrate onedrive and the SharePoint management center later this year to & quot; simplify the management experience;. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone